youtuber joke about corona virus got expensive on him

Moscow: A Russian court has sentenced the well-known YouTuber to life imprisonment for spreading sensation on a train, YouTube has accused China of killing the coroner virus and pretending to be unconscious. { Daily Current Affairs 11th Feb, 2020}

Russian news agency reports that the Russian court has sentenced the young star who shared on YouTube for making a comedy video and joking about the deadly Corona virus and spreading sensation in public.

The video, which goes viral on social media, shows that a young man in a black dress can be seen wearing a mask on his face, while the young man suddenly falls to the ground while traveling on an underground train.

After falling to the ground, the young man started to panic, and the frequency went on to help, but immediately the Corona virus, the Corona virus, started screaming.

Media sources said that after the incident, there was a serious risk of injury to the people as all the people on the train had rushed to the gates to avoid getting out of the train as soon as possible and were affected by the corona virus.

The video of the entire incident was shared on social media by the public, telling the public that it was just a joke, after which the police arrested the accused for spreading sensation to the public.

It should be noted that only the deadliest cases of the deadly corona virus have been reported in Russia, but more than 25,000 people have been infected with the Corona virus worldwide and more than 1 thousand have died in China.

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