There are rumors that the camper in the latest season of “I’m a Celebrity” … let me leave here and have sex in the jungle behind the toilet.

But on Tuesday, the network’s executive producer appeared to reject the whisper, telling the 10th every day that the contestants’ “foot” guesses on the show were wrong.

The EP apparently reached their conclusions and confirmed that after browsing the “shots” of the campers’ daily activities, no interesting transactions were made.

The publication also confirms that, in fact, there is a camera behind the long throw toilet, which means that anything masturbated will be captured by the film.

Although the campers’ “joking” rumors may have subsided, it seems that the relationship between Charlotte and Lane is heating up and despising them for calm.

Ryan and Charlotte were talking about how much they love each other, and Charlotte asserted that he had just left another love relationship and did not want to make the same mistake again, thus stopping the possibility Romance.

But on Sunday night, the confused couple finally put it on, groping in the jungle.

The audience watched the couple finally lay a blanket on the edge of the camp’s wash area.

“I have a reason to sit in this position,” said Charlotte. Ryan, who was sitting by the sink, took off his clothes before taking a shower.

Ryan would not miss any chance, quickly stepped into the star of reality, put her hands on her sides, and leaned over to kiss.

Charlotte wrapped her arms around her neck and said, “Wait, wait. I’m afraid to kiss with my tongue.”

Former MAFS star Ryan flinched, but Charlotte didn’t want to let him go, pulled him closer and began to pressure him.

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