modi desperate defeat in delhi only win 7 seats

New Delhi: Residents of the Indian capital Delhi have suffered a horrendous defeat of IRS extremism and Modi government policies. Aam Aadmi Party has defeated Modi’s party Bharatiya Janata Party for the third time in a big lead in the state elections of Delhi Assembly, according to Indian media according to the unofficial and unofficial preliminary results of the New Delhi Assembly elections.

The ruling Aam Aadmi Party won the 63 seats out of 70 and hit the ground and threw the pride of the Modi government into the dust. { Daily Current Affairs 12th Feb, 2020}

Despite the push of the ruling BJP BJP peak in the country, it secured only 7 seats and needed 36 seats to win a simple majority in Delhi government while the Aam Aadmi Party won 63 seats and not just two-thirds. But for the third time its government will be established in Delhi. Aam Aadmi Party workers distribute sweets in the joy of victory, while the BJP is the leader of the Houthis in the BJP.

A number of senior officials, including BJP government president and Home Minister Amit Shah, Chief Minister Uttar Pradesh Yogi, had camped in Delhi to overturn Delhi’s political settlement and used government resources indiscriminately. To poison voters, the poison was spread against the minorities and created an atmosphere of hatred, but despite all efforts, the voters rejected the Modi government’s policies.

Delhi’s major political party could not win a single seat from Delhi ‘Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal’s party has won 57 seats, Delhi Chief Minister and Aam Aadmi Party leader Arvind Kejriwal in the state assembly elections Speaking after clearing the chances of a major victory for his party, he said that the people of Delhi have laid the foundation of new politics.

He said that this new politics is the politics of work. The BJP has won its election to win the Delhi Assembly elections. The election campaign was led by the Home Minister Amit Shah himself, who had spent almost 40 years in full force. What he addressed rallies tha.uzyr Minister Modi and the BJP suffered a set in his power to defeat the worst in Delhi but also several rallies kynmrkzy ministers, ministers and dozens MP several states.

The BJP campaigned against the controversial citizenship law “CAA” in the election campaign, especially the Shaheen Bagh protests and campaigned against the controversial citizenship law in Shaheen Bagh. JP described the country as “hostile and treacherous.”

The entire statement of the campaign was based on his own perception of Shaheen Bagh. People were told that if the common man wins the party, the whole heart will be Shaheen Bagh. A BJP leader even went so far as to say that Shaheen Bagh is the “braiding ground” for suicide bombers. The BJP has repeatedly reminded the public that Shaheen Bagh is affecting the whole heart while the events of Shaheen Bagh were not having any effect on the common man.

For the first time in the BJP’s campaign, the Muslims expressed open hatred against Muslims that had never been seen before, while slogans against Muslims were heard in Uttar Pradesh’s general elections and assembly elections, but not with the mouths of such prominent leaders. In Delhi, the BJP apparently wanted to win the election on the basis of hate only. Modi and Ummah Shah have been using this strategy in Gujarat.

The words echoed repeatedly in this campaign were traitors, terrorists, Shaheen Bagh, Pakistan, and Muslims, but the results show that the people of Delhi did not accept this Gujarati model of politics during this campaign. Were also personally targeted and called traitors’ and ‘terrorists’ supporters. Experts say the results testify that the people of Delhi have rejected the BJP’s hate campaign.

The largest support of the Aam Aadmi Party comes from the slums of Delhi. About 50 million people live in these settlements. Before the election, the Modi government passed a law to convert raw settlements into permanent settlements. She could not win the hearts of these inhabitants. The poor people of Delhi also feared that coming to power of BJP would have to get a lot of documents to prove their citizenship. This fear also prevented many voters from going to the BJP….

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