mahatma gandhi statue damaged in india

New Delhi: Unidentified people in the Indian state of Jharkhand have dropped the statue of Mahatma Gandhi installed at a historic site, police have started investigating the incident. { Daily Current Affairs 10th Feb, 2020}

According to Indian media, the incident took place in Hazari Bagh, Jharkhand city, the statue was installed on the Gandhi Ghat on the bank of the river Kunar where the ashes of Gandhi’s body were shed.

The incident took place in the darkness of the night when unknown people damaged the Gandhi statue and smashed it.

Deputy Commissioner of the area said that investigation has been initiated while police personnel have also been deployed at the scene. A new statue of Gandhi will be installed at this place soon.

According to the Deputy Commissioner, funds will be requested from the MLA of the area so that CCTV camera will also be installed at this location.

It should be remembered that since Modi took office, the ideology of violence has been on the rise in India and openly opposed to Mahatma Gandhi’s non-violent ideology.

Over the past few years, the courage of the followers of violence and extremism has risen to such an extent that they seem to call the common Gandhi a bad name and no one can say anything to them.

One such shocking incident occurred on Gandhi’s death anniversary last year when extremist Hindus celebrated Gandhi’s assassination in Aligarh.

The scene of Gandhi’s assassination under the leadership of Pooja Shakun, general secretary of the Hindu Mahasabha Movement, was re-presented. The leader of the extremist group shot at Gandhi’s skin and blew blood on the ground.

As soon as the blood was shed, the Hindu extremists defeated the slogan of ‘Nathu Ram Godse’ by shouting ‘Mahatma Nathu Ram Godse (Gandhi’s assassin) will live forever, today is the day of victory of All India Hindu Mahasabha’ and Divide sweets in the joy of killing Gandhi.

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