israel citizen will not allow to come in saudi arabia

Riyadh: Saudi Foreign Minister Prince Faisal bin Farhan says Israeli citizens will not be welcomed in Saudi Arabia, they have given this two-point explanation after allowing Israeli citizens to visit Saudi Arabia.

According to the details, Saudi Foreign Minister Prince Faisal bin Farhan while interviewing US broadcaster CNN made it clear that Saudi Arabia’s policy regarding Israel is inconsistent and we have no relations with Israel.

The Saudi Foreign Minister said that Israeli people would not be welcomed in Saudi Arabia. No one can visit Saudi Arabia at the moment on Israeli passports.

The Saudi Foreign Minister’s explanation is for Israel’s decision in which it has allowed its citizens to travel to Saudi Arabia under certain circumstances.

Israel’s decision came out yesterday, according to the Israeli interior minister, Israeli citizens will be allowed to travel to Saudi Arabia in two cases.

First: They will be able to visit Saudi Arabia for religious reasons, ie for paying Umrah or Hajj, or secondly: for 90 days for business reasons or investment.

Prior to the visit, Israeli citizens will need permission from Israel as well as Saudi Arabia.

The Saudi Foreign Minister asked questions about the US president’s peace plan for the Middle East, saying he could not currently comment on the plan.

He added that with the Palestinians with every effort to achieve a fair settlement, it is very important for us that the Palestinian problem be resolved, they get their rights and Saudi Arabia will support every effort that Give Palestinians their rights.

It should be noted that Arabs based in Israel were previously allowed to travel to Saudi Arabia, but were not formally granted a formal permit.

The people of Israel used to travel to Saudi Arabia, usually through a third country, especially Jordan, but now with the permission of the Israeli government, they can go directly to Saudi Arabia.

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