New Delhi: In view of the increasing number of cases of rape in India, New Delhi is called rap capital, according to a recent report, a woman was subjected to abuse every 15 minutes in India.

In 2012, a case of gang-rape in New Delhi shook the whole of India, in which a medical student, Narbhiya, was subjected to mass abuse on a moving bus.

The perpetrators not only sexually abused Nebariya, but also tortured him so violently that his intestines came out of his body. Nerbiah died a few days later at the hospital in critical condition.

The aforementioned case caught fire all over India and people from all over the country took to the streets to protest, including politicians and Bollywood artists.

The perpetrators of this case were sentenced to death, but crime against women is still on the rise in India. An annual crime report released recently by the Interior Ministry said that every 15 minutes in 2018, a woman reported an abuse incident.

In India this year, more than 34,000 rape cases were reported, of which only 85% of the accused were arrested while the punishment was only 27%.

In India, organizations working for women’s rights say that the most horrific and most serious crimes against women are taken too seriously and that the police are too lazy to investigate them.

Lalita Kumar Mangalam, a member of the ruling Bharatiya Janata Party, said that the fast track courts created for this purpose have few judges and forensic labs are few in the country.

According to a report released in 2015, the fast track courts are hearing fast, but the number of cases is high and the courts are few.

Apart from this, in many areas of India, incidents of rape are not reported due to the traditions of the society, while the incidents of murder after the abduction are also seen as murder cases.

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