indian actress sejal sharma committed suicide

Mumbai: Indian actress Segal Sharma committed suicide, with fellow artists and fans grieving over her death.

According to Indian media reports, Segal Sharma was staying in a flat on Mumbai’s Mera Road, a house he had rented from his friend.

The actress committed suicide on Friday, according to police. Siegel committed suicide by strangling her throat, her body was taken into custody and taken to a hospital where doctors confirmed her death.

According to police, the actress wrote a letter before her death, on which she wrote that she was going to take extreme steps after being fed up with personal problems. No one should be held responsible for their death.

According to media reports, Sijal Sharma was a resident of Odhapur, he came to Mumbai in 2017 and stepped into the drama industry. The actress debuted the Indian drama Dil To Hapi Hai Ji and achieved many successes in two years. He also played a central role in the web series Independent Birds.

Fellow artists are saddened by Segal’s death, and he doesn’t believe the news.

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