how much will be the punishment for smoking cigarettes in saudi arabia

Riyadh: The Saudi government has approved a law to curb smoking, under which smokers will stay away from certain places, fined for violations.

Saudi Arabia’s Minister of Health, Dr. Taufiq al-Bariya, has approved amending the anti-smoking law, according to details.

The Saudi official journal states that there are 13 public places in Saudi Arabia where smoking is banned, but the amending act has set a minimum distance of 10 meters between the smoker and the prohibited location.

Places where smoking is prohibited include mosques and neighborhoods, educational and training institutions, government and private offices, welfare institutions and associations, historical sites and museums, wedding halls, conference halls, government and private medical institutions, all sources. Includes transportation, bus stands, railway stations and airports and other public places such as parks restaurants and more.

The amendment bill states that individuals who violate the law will be punished with 200 riyals for immediate action.

The amendment bill further states that the manufacture and packing of smoking products should be done to the best quality and quality, besides violating the law on tobacco cultivation and manufacture, there will be a fine of 20,000 rials.

Smoking centers will be banned for children under the age of 18, and selling cigarettes to these children will be considered lawful and punishable by law, and the sale of cigarettes through vending machines will also be banned.

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