historical day the uk will be separated from the eu today

London: After 47 years of EU membership, Britain will split from the EU today, with 621 votes in favor of a deal to oust Britain from Europe and 49 votes in opposition. – ReportBae { Current Affairs 31 Jan, 2020}

According to details, the UK will officially depart from the European Union today; the UK’s separation from the European Union will be completed after an eleven-month interim period. After the implementation of the Brexit, the interim will be on December 31.

During this time, European laws will be in place in the UK and details of relations with the European Union will be decided.

The European Parliament has approved the overwhelming majority of the Brexit deal, while the British Parliament and the United States have also approved a resolution of separation from the European Union, and the UK has also approved separation from the European Union.

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson announced his exit from the European Union on January 31 following re-election, British Prime Minister Boris Johnson was approved this month by the European Union, with a 330 vote on the Brexit bill in the capital. And 231 voted in opposition.

It should be noted that in June 2017 there was also a referendum on Britain’s stay in or leaving the European Union, with 52% voting in favor of Brexit, and 48% in opposition. Opposition Prime Minister David Cameron had to resign.

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