fire waterfall in the united states

WASHINGTON: Water fires that flooded the United States during the winter surprised the world. ReportBae { Daily Current Affairs 15th Feb, 2020}

There are places all over the world that people are stunned to see and think how is that possible? One such amazing mountain is located in the US state of California, where freezing ice melts, causing water to flow instead of water from the waterfall.

This waterfall in the US’s Yosemite National Park is called “Horse Tail Falls,” but the fame is due to the end of winter flowing due to the melting of snow in February.

The foreign news agency says that when the waterfall is slowly starting to flow, a certain angle of the sun is dispersing its rays on the waterfall and the viewer feels as if water is coming from the waterfall but not the lava. The view is perfect when the weather is clear and there is little snow on the mountains.

Foreign media say that this shocking scene is rarely seen, yet in February every year, millions of tourists visit ‘Horse Tail Falls’ to see the scene.

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