Egyptian female journalist commits suicide in a locked room. According to details, the woman was alone in the house when she slipped into her throat and committed suicide. Initial action has been initiated by the police while submitting a statement to the police on the other hand, the woman’s husband said that I repeatedly called home from the office but could not contact my wife. – ReportBae { Current Affairs 31 Jan, 2020}

While calling my wife’s name Rahab, she said that I called her again and again, but when too much time passed and no answer was available, I was upset. What was also said on his behalf that he too was not being contacted by Rahab.

The husband told his mother-in-law to go to their home in South Cairo and investigate what the matter was.

When the mother arrived home, she waited a long time, but no one opened the door even after knocking, which made her worry. Mother sought help from neighbor and broke door of house Which meant no one came in and no one went out to kill them.

Police have been trying to ascertain the cause, calling it a suicide. He would have been forced to take such a big step. Police have begun proceedings and it is hoped that the cause of suicide will be revealed soon.

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