does eating an egg daily cause health problems

Ontario: Like other countries in Pakistan, it is often said that if eggs are eaten daily after a certain age, it increases cholesterol in the body, which in turn causes narrowing of the veins and various heart diseases. But an international team of physicians says that may not be true. { Current Affairs 2st Feb, 2020}

A global study was conducted last year under the leadership of Canada’s McMaster University in which experts from many countries around the world, including Pakistan, participated.

This broad-based study incorporates data from a longitudinal study of more than 177,000 people (50 million) in 50 countries, spanning several years. For this purpose, Aga Khan University Department of Community Health Sciences and Medicine was hired from Pakistan.

Carefully and carefully scrutinizing all these data, there is nothing that can prove the connection between daily egg intake and cholesterol increase.

Simply put, the result of this study is that if you eat just one egg daily for breakfast, it does not increase cholesterol in the body nor cause any cardiovascular disease. However, it is best to eat boiled eggs for breakfast, while occasional use of omelette or half-fried eggs is not a problem. They should not just be a daily routine.

Details of this research have been published in the latest issue of “The American Journal of Clinical Nutrition.”

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