coronavirus death toll increase to 1110

BEIJING: The number of people killed by the Corona virus has increased steadily, to 1110. The highest number of 103 fatalities in the province of Hebei yesterday, the number of people infected with the virus has exceeded 42,000. According to details, hundreds more people have been killed by the Corona virus in China, after which the total death toll has increased to eleven hundred. ReportBae { Daily Current Affairs 12th Feb, 2020}

According to the news agency, the number of people affected by the virus has now exceeded 42,000.

The highest number of 103 fatalities occurred in Hebei province yesterday, after which the number of Corona virus deaths in China so far has risen to 1110 and the number of patients has risen to 42,000 after 2500 new cases emerged.

In addition, Chinese President Xi Jinping visited the hospital in Beijing and briefed the medical staff.

According to the Chinese broadcaster CCTV, Shi Jin Ping said that “more effective measures must be taken to prevent the spread of the virus.” It should be noted that the Chinese president was in the public eye since the virus spread across the country. He deployed Prime Minister Li Keqiang to prevent the outbreak, and Li Keqiang also visited Wuhan last month.

According to the official media, Shi Jin-ping wore a blue mask and white surgical gown so that he could meet with doctors at the Dayton Hospital in Beijing, see patients’ treatment and talk to doctors in Wuhan via video link. He later met with the Beijing-based community to review measures and measures to prevent the outbreak.

Video footage showed the Chinese president’s temperature checked with an infrared thermometer, after which he spoke to the working community and even smiled for those watching from the windows of the apartment. Since the outbreak of the outbreak, extraordinary steps have been taken by Chinese authorities to completely shut down the city of Hubei, the Chinese province, and shut down the transportation system nationwide, closing tourist destinations and millions of people. Includes suggesting living in homes.

After these steps the cities were deserted, but yesterday, as usual, there were signs of restoration of life. Roads in Beijing and Shanghai now have more traffic, and the southern province of Guanardu says they will soon restore public transport. Lee, who works in a salon in Beijing, closed his business for several days and reopened it last day, saying, “There is no doubt that we are worried”.

“When customers come in, we first look at their temperature, then use disinfectant and ask them to wash their hands,” he said. Many people are being asked to work from home, while some companies have stopped work for another week. According to state media reports, the number of passengers on Beijing’s subway has dropped by less than half.

Major shopping malls in the capital are offering desert views and many banks are closed. It should be noted that the number of cases of Corona virus has increased to more than 300 in countries other than China. The number of ships on the ship in Japan has increased to 135. In addition, 8 people in the UK have also been infected with the Corona virus.

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