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We all talk to each other. The question is, is the medium of conversation just one or more? . { Daily Current Affairs 12th Feb, 2020}

Words are conveyed through words, but there are many messages that go unnoticed, which continue to give a speechless body without words. Experts estimate that most of us do not even realize that we are talking or occurring without words. Conversations usually continue on both sides.

Nonverbal, wordless conversations continue to be highly effective, meaning that the body has its own language. Experts have assumed that most of us do not realize that we are using both languages at the same time.

The meaningful movement of a few organs of a human is an intriguing study. Headache, eyebrows, eyes wide open or paralyzed, palpitations of the lips, eyes quadruple, fingers twitching, palpitation, movement of the legs are all part of the “body language”. Their formal arrangement is not yet available.

This body language style is different in every society. It is famous that “the French people speak and move both in French.” The American bends his head or hands as he finishes his talk. His heart also bends down. Finishing the question, the hand moves upwards or opens its eyes completely.

(Excerpt from Professor Najmul Hadi’s article “Circle of Conversation”)

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