LAHORE: The flour mill has announced an increase of Rs 6 per kg in the flour of flour.

According to details, the price of grinder flour was increased, the flour mill increased the price by Rs 6 per kg, after which the price of grinder flour increased from Rs 64 to Rs 70 per kg.

According to details, the price of flour was also increased by Rs. 4 in the past. The wheat association says that wheat from the open market gets Rs. 2,000 per min. The same wheat is provided to flour mills at Rs. 1350. After the increase in electricity prices, the price of flour has been increased.

Meanwhile, the Flour Mills Association says they have not increased the price of flour.

Inflation Rises in the first Week of the New Year

It is to be remembered that today in the Senate meeting chaired by Deputy Chairman Salim Mandviwala, Amir of Jamaat-e-Islami Siraj-ul-Haq mentioned that the flour of Rs 6 per kg has increased, the burden is on the common man, what the government is doing.

Remember that the Karachi Retail Grocers Group yesterday said that due to the shortage of wheat, the price of flour has been increased by Rs. However, this increase in the price of flour is temporary, when the supply of wheat is restored, the price will return.

According to the group, prices of ghee and coking oil were also increased by Rs 20-30 per liter, the price of coking oil increased to Rs 254 per liter, the price of ghee was increased to Rs 256 per kg, there was no reason for the oil manufacturers to increase. Tell.

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