are you addicted of too much sleep

You may have noticed that some people are accustomed to sleep or often go to sleep. { Daily Current Affairs 10th Feb, 2020}

If you are feeling overwhelmed or wanting to sleep at different times throughout the day, this is “narcolepsy”, which is what neurologists say is a neurological disease.

Common and more prominent symptoms include sudden and intense sleep apnea, muscle and muscle relaxation.

Narcolepsy is a disease affecting men and women alike. However, the victims are mostly young and unfortunately most of them do not know that they are victims of narcolepsy.

One of the reasons for this is that sudden sleepiness is linked to the busyness, exhaustion and physical or neurological distress of a person and thus no regular diagnosis or medical examination is made by a qualified physician and specialist doctor. Could explain the root cause of this problem.

Researchers say this is when cells in our brain begin to exaggerate a chemical substance called hypocretin. According to medical science, it is the substance that controls our sleep and awareness systems.

The result of this deterioration is that the affected person loses control over sleep, and over time the problem becomes exacerbated. According to medical experts, no formal treatment has yet been discovered, but if the instructions are followed by contacting the physician, the results may be better.

According to clinicians, the severity of this neurological disease can be reduced by counseling, various therapies and lifestyle changes.

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